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Teacher: Did you do your homework? Student: Did you grade my test? Teacher: I have other students tests to grade. Student: I have other teachers homework to do.

i wish I woulda thought of something like this in middle school haha

Funny Text Message- MaxSo today my teacher pointed at me with a rulerSo?He said, 'There's and idiot at the end of this ruler'Awww! He called you an idiot? I got detention for asking, 'Which end?


Relatable Posts haha I wish it was that easy.<<< I'm going to say this to my teacher the next time I forget to do my homework jkjkjkjk

It can never be unseen

OMG THAT IS SOOOOOO FUNNY! Now, whenever i use that symbol, i will think of a weirdo that is dragging his itching butt across the floor.

I laughed so hard I snorted

Someone from Indiana posted a whisper, which reads "How to kiss a boy: Grab his waist Slip your hand into his pocket Steal his wallet Don't kiss him, just run.

Almost every night

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

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i always feel like this! and you know its going to be even worse when your teacher says, referring to the homework, "your test will be exactly the same as your homework" thats like teacher code for a bunch of stuff you never learned.

Unless you can speak all the ones they teach in school... Like German, French, Spanish and some Russian...

Unless you can speak all the ones they teach in school. Like German, French, Spanish and some Russian.<< Y U NO SPEAK GREEK

For real, everyday we do algebra

Dear math, i am sick of finding your x. just accept the fact that she's gone. Move on, dude


This would be me and my brother 😂👏 This soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. People Who Just Lost Their Texting Privileges