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Beginners Running Guide — The Greatest 70 Running Tips Of All Time

Beginners Running Guide - The Greatest 72 Running Tips Of All Time

Think you don't have time to stretch? This 10-minute routine targets all the muscles runners use most. via @SparkPeople

6 Stretches for Runners After Crossing the Finish Line

Running to Lose Weight How to Lose Weight to Train: A great article on how to achieve your weight goal prior to running a half/marathon. - Learn how to lose weight running

Your proper guide for better running to be more effective during marathon. http://www.half-marathon-training-schedule.net/barefoot-running-technique.html

Proper form in running includes correct posture. See this great info graphic on all the different pieces that make up proper running form.

Developing a kick at the end of a race - several workouts listed.

A Lethal Kick

Running a marathon? A balance diet is essential. Infographic from Cleveland Clinic

Fueling Food for A Marathon Run (Infographic)

(Infographic) - If you’re running, you need a game plan for eating right. Getting the proper amount of nourishment before, during and after a run can make all the difference to your success. Balance your protein, carb and fat intake, stay well hydrated.

How To Get Faster For Distance Running - I've started training for a race and this is just what I needed!

As part of this ‘WORKOUT’ week I thought I would throw in a speed workout idea to switch up your running routine. If you are going to get faster for your next race, …

A guide to the bridges exercise progression following Convict Conditioning Program

Bridges Progression - Body Weight Training Arena, Convict Conditioning: website with a number of interesting walk throughs to difficult skills

Don't know if these "5 Reasons to do Cardio in the Morning" are true, but I do believe that morning workouts are best (now if I could just get my butt out of bed every morning...)

5 Reasons To Do Cardio In The Morning

While the title may not suggest it, this post is partially inspired by my recent laziness. I love a morning workout. But lately, I’ve been really bad at waking up for my morning run. I keep trying,.