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Andy: there *points* Cool *runs to batman* Andy: hey wait up *runs…


This annoys the living heck out of me. I'm a very calm person, but when people criticize my music, I want to shout at them.

Black Veil Brides (:

Very PROUD member of the Black Veil Brides army that moment when you realize you know the bvb pledge more then your own(to be honest me and my friend kat Rieger were doing the bvb pledge when we were suppose to be doing the American on lol)

Greg & Andy from Instagram

Onision and Andy. < If I ever met Andy I'd make that face too.

Andy Biersack <--- And he did that, he saved lives.

Andy Biersack <--- And he did that, he saved lives.-<--- The whole band, every member, is a hero.

Andy Fucking Biersack.. Aweee hess justt soo attractiivvveee

I'm Andy! I'm single *winks like a goof* 19 (not his real age I know) and I am in a band called Black Veil Brides! Well don't be shy now!