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Most of us are pretty familiar with the art of Frank Frazetta: his amazing Edgar Rice Burroughs illustrations. His original creation, the Death Dealer. And so much else. But you haven't really learned the story of Frank Frazetta, unless you've read a brand new book, Frank Frazetta: Art and Remembrances.

Frank Frazetta Like You've Never Seen Him Before!

Frank Frazetta's Egyptian Queen My favorite Frazetta work, comparative with Waterhouse, the painting is magnificent!

Frank Frazetta work

Fantasy Pictures

Artwork: by fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. See more artwork by this featured artist on the fantasy gallery website.

Frank Frazetta is one of the world's most influential fantasy and science fiction artists. You may recognize his art from covers of early Tarzan and Conan the Barbarian books, and other literature. Some people even use it as a source for tattoo art. If you enjoy this art, you may also enjoy the work of Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Luis Royo, and other fantasy artists.

Frank Frazetta's Fantasy World

Frank Frazetta Frank Frazetta Death Dealer 2 painting in my site, painting

Conan the Destroyer - Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta painting sells for $1.5 million

Another favorite Frazetta motif, the Fighting Barbarian! Conan the Destroyer, Cover art by Frank Frazetta

Comic Book Artist: Frank Frazetta | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials

Frank Frazetta -- Savage Pellucidar - no man complete without his warrior women beside him.

Death Dealer V - Frank Frazetta                                                                                                                                                                                 More

m Barbarian Royal Army Scout Med Armor Helm Spear Castle Wall vs Orc invaders Comic Book Artist: Frank Frazetta

Comic Book Artist: Frank Frazetta - Art Curator & Art Adviser. I am targeting the most exceptional art! Catalog @ http://www.BusaccaGallery.com

hellsquidsintl: “ Death Dealer by Frank Frazetta. The greatest goddamned piece of fantasy art in the history of everything. geek-art: “ R. Frank Frazetta… Your Death Dealer marked my RPG’s.

Frank Frazetta's Conan I owned a GPZ 900 That had this painted on the tank 25 years ago bike never ran and to this day I regret having gotten rid of the tank cause the detail from whomever painted it was really well done :(.  (sigh!)

Frank Frazetta Like You've Never Seen Him Before!

Conan the Usurper. One of my all time favorite fantasy characters! A great Frank Frazetta cover . and I learned the meaning of a cool new word back in grade: usurper

Love this artist...grew up with science fiction books laying around my house with Frazetta covers

Death Dealer III by Frank Frazetta 8x10 Color Plate Art Print Repro Matted