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Gypsy Vanner, a Shire, and a Clydesdale ♥ ♥ ♥

Traditional Cob, a Shire, and a Clydesdale ♥ ♥ ♥

One Cool Paint Horse! Cool color marking on head, neck and mane.

fivegaited: “bridles-andbits: “ ottblove: “ I wish this look would come back in - I’m in love with the plain flat bridle. Raised and padded and fancy stitched just looks fussy to me.


I think he is a wee-pony :D Since he made so many people smile, I thought I should share his name with everybody! Please let me introduce 3 Eagle's Little Blue Gummy Bear!

How to Draw: Horse's Eye by Define-X

Very helpful, a horses eyes are the hardest to draw. Yet they distinguish the horses character . A person can tell a lot from a horses eye.

Abstract Horse Paintings | Horse – Another abstract painting of a beautiful Horse ...

Horse – Another abstract painting of a beautiful Horse

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Horse with a good hair day! Gorgeous horse photography - Up-close - Horse by lorrie