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Waiter, the food was delicious, could you compliment the cook for me please? Harold, you are beautiful.

Buffalo Chicken Baked Ziti - Dreaming All Day

Lack of crackers. Crackalackin' (n) - the lack of having crackers in the household. Jen Maury mg HANE. ANY Lack of crackers Crackalackin' (n) - the lack having in household Jen Maury mg HANE ANY


Las redes sociales en la vida real / Social networks in real life :P ;

The ’90s guide to getting a girl… Add: Show her your killer new cell phone that ONLY WEIGHS 3 POUNDS!

The ’90s guide to getting a girl…

The guide to getting a girl… definitely had the windsuit, moonshoes and tamagotchi

The way I dance... Hips do lie. Hips are confused.

How normal girls dance vs. How I dance. This is frighteningly accurate. Or how I THINK I look like when I dance vs. What I actually look like when I dance lol

soooo horrible but yet funny

Funnies 3 - yes they are reposts, want some cheese with that whine? For everyone else, enjoy! :D

The new FRIEND! Ahhhhh nooooo what happppppeeeeennned! The blender's face though. I don't think I can make smoothies ever agaaaaain

This is quack! Lol

Whole grain. I love white bread. Unfortunately my family loves whole grain, so it's a treat when I get to eat White Bread.

This is my life. Im the worlds worst procrastinator.

Obligations should just be titled "law school" there's no such thing as free time

I've always loved Maslow's pyramid of all the things you need to have sorted, but I LOVE the New Maslow’s hierarchy of needs!

I should not have clicked on this while proctoring an exam.  Cant... control... giggles...

Classroom Punishment…

Evolução do logo da Starbucks

Funny pictures about What The Starbucks Logo Will Look Like In The Future. Oh, and cool pics about What The Starbucks Logo Will Look Like In The Future. Also, What The Starbucks Logo Will Look Like In The Future photos.

People Who Continually Say Literally #lol #haha #funny

one of my biggest pet peeves.when people go "oh my god It was literally so amazing i literally died".ok well i believed it was amazing, i didn't think you were speaking figuratively about how it was.and you clearly are "literally" still alive.