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Lol "Uses Aegyo To Get Errything" ♡ Suho's is Cute Too #SorryItsNotReallyAMacro

Lol "Uses Aegyo To Get Errything" ♡ Suho's is Cute Too exo scenarios

"EXO members in 1 sentence"  - "Stfu Chanyeol" Lololololol  Haha Man Unfortunately Accurate, Ah I Still love you though Chan♡

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G just reading kris' made me spit out my drink, Who writes these?" If they do, I congratulate them for there work XD

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The Kris 15 Year Plan *And he renames Mars EXO Planet in honor of past friends~?

Number behind story

Exo members in summary ;) haha sehuns hair: changes every 12 seconds

Satansoo would probably do this tho

Kaisoo Nice lyrics there D. I bet that actually happened hahahhaha XD

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My heart Kai stop IT.😚 Lel i wish i were her ;

exo text posts - Google Search<<-- Luhan and Xiumin you guys would get my vote! Baekhyun, I would be right there with you. Also Kris would be the fashion police.

Baekhyun's one got me lol cx But I'm totally Chanyeol XD