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Get me in the right mood and I'll listen to it all day.

"Teenager Posts If you think that I won't listen to the same song 400 times in a row you are dead wrong." I'm not a teenager but I still do :) I love what I love ha ha ha

They say made in China.... Just like if you buy something made in America, it would say made in USA

They say made in China. Just like if you buy something made in America, it would say made in USA - ladies clothes shopping, shopping online womens clothing, funky clothes *ad

It's seriously the hardest thing.

It's seriously the hardest thing. Hopefully we'll work out in the end and then i won't have to worry about getting over him :)))

Just relax with a juice box...

Today I lived dangerously and had chocolate milk. should I be concerned that a lot of these "teenager" posts are still true for me. I don't really drink.

hate math | Hate math !!! | Tee Hee and Giggle!

Teenager Post Yes. Because everyone buys 6 cars, then drivers each for 17 hours, exept for three, those were driven for twelve. And takes a fifteen minute nap In between each one.

Some people can be sarcastic like that when they're actually laughing at a stain on it. Just saying.

Every single time someone says I like ur shirt I always say thanks walk away and then look down to see what I'm wearing

Teenager Post #11560

Teenager Post - Me a nerd? Haha no. I'm just making sure I don't end up working at McDonalds with you in the future.