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Panimoliitto - Malja kotimaiselle oluelle.

Panimoliitto - Malja kotimaiselle oluelle.

Beer Glasses... by tammy

One of the most important aspects to serving any drink is choosing the perfect glass. There are five different beer glass categories to choose from. Print this out for Dad and include with some beer glasses for Father's Day.

Whiskey Flavor Profiles #infografía

I included this on my scotch board although they did spell whisky wrong. In case you don't know Scotch is spelled whisky, Irish and American is spelled whiskey.

The 50 Best, Funniest, Most Cleaver And Outrageous Beer Memes Around

Gráfico IBU

Gráfico IBU

Hop characteristics

Flavor wheel charting what various Hop varieties offer your beer brewing.

Need help deciding?

Interesting infographic to help you decide what beer/brand to drink right

12 steps to get your own bottled brews.                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Tips to Debunk Beer Based Myths

I prefer full boils, but if you dont have the equipment or space this is fine. How to home brew your own

29 Interesting Facts of Beer #Infographic  www.LiquorList.com "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste!" @LiquorListcom   #LiquorList.com

29 Things You Should Know About Beer, For National American Beer Day (INFOGRAPHIC)

October 27 is National American Beer Day (which sort of begs the question, why would it be anything other than "National," but we digress)! 29 interesting facts of beer.

There is a time for everything including when different styles of beer are at their best. The Homebrewing Calendar

The Homebrewing Calendar

For Jeff Home Brewing Calendar, for all those people who keep asking me about seasons of beer

Hops: A Homebrewers' Guide  www.LiquorList.com "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste!" @LiquorListcom   #LiquorList.com

Every brewer needs to know their hops. From hop variety, hop alpha acids, hop oils, and hop flavors & aromas, here is Hops: A Homebrewers' Guide.