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Marching band

Marching Band Manatee - biggest lie in the history of marching band: Bd: "let's run that set One more time!" (Ps can someone tell me y a manatee is the mascot for band?

Marching Band

So True! This is how we try to explain it to the Freshman when they start band camp every year

Marching band either makes me super happy, or ridiculously angry and frustrated. There is no in between. And you're felt both at the same time.

Marching Band Problems>>> Yesterday was pre-band camp with the freshmen, I am attest to this XD

This is why we cant have nice things

My freshman year we had a trombone shrine sophmore year we had a trumpet castke and a TRUMPet wall XD

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Marching Band Problems- I have the opposite problem, he'll tell us to set and then starts counting before anyone can actually get to their dot