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Why would you so this to us

For those who only ever watched the series and movie and don't want to read the books MAX IS DEAD

I thought he's my brother but he's not ...

Even though it was actually Raphael's birthday, chairman meow was really just a fake reason bc Rafi didn't want Mags to do anything for him.

Guys.. If this happens I will cry. Tess will tell Jace all about Will and since they're so similar Tessa will obviously love Jace and the. He'll finally have a relative who is good and loves him and it will give love and hope to the Herondale name and be so beautiful!

I picked up City of Heavenly Fire late, so I haven't actually gotten there yet -- I'm extremely excited, obviously.

Looking good in black ...

FMTSH Home to lost letters amongst Shadowhunters, conversations they wished never happened and we wished had.

I guess it's appropriate that I'm laughing so much.

I get that spellings differ, but the "e" makes the prefix "pre" (as in before), which is sort of the whole point of the word.

Jace proposing the Will Herondale way. <--- Omg "Which one?" This is why we just say Jace.

Jace proposing the Will Herondale way." This is why we just say Jace. < Jace Wayland Morgenstern Lightwood Herondale / Jace Whatever