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Ruut poimii tähkiä

Ruth and Naomi—“Where You Go I Shall Go”

Ruth humbly picking up barley behind the workers in the field to support herself and Naomi. One of my favorite women in scripture!


alexandre cabanel: o pintor de retratos

Ruth revenant des Champs (or Ruth en Repos), Alexandre Cabanel (French, Oil on canvas. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Cabanel painted Ruth for Eugénie, the Empress of France.

Painting of the Biblical Ruth

Painting of the Biblical Ruth, w Done by Mormon artist Sandra Rast.

ruth and boaz the Lord is like this to us....he is our covering , protector, provider

She said, "oh sir, such grace, such kindness - i don't deserve it. you've touched my heart, treated me like one of your own. and i don't even belong here!

Ruth and Naomi. The Illustrated National Family Bible, John Harrop (c 1870).

Ruth and Naomi. The Illustrated National Family Bible, John Harrop (c - Licences available from


A  Semente  que  Dá  Vida: Uma Mulher Sem Brilho Iluminada pela Graça de Deus...

Portrait Crochet Patterns/ Easy to Read/ Ruth 101 chains to start


María y José viajan a Belén y allí nace Jesús

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Women of the Holy Bible, "Ruth", she gleaned in the fields where Boaz left her handfuls on purpose. They later married, Boaz is a kinsman redeemer, a type of Christ. Her name means friend.

elsie ergmeir bible moses | is for E(x)odus, when, it is said from the wrath of King Pharaoh God ...

The Exodus - Israelites Crossing of the Red Sea -Our spiritual heritage includes…

The prophetess Deborah speaks to Barak

Deborah, a Prophetess, Arose as a Mother in Israel