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(Japan) Granblue Fantasy Brings Together Top JRPG Talent - oprainfall

Cygames is working on Granblue Fantasy, a mobile JRPG featuring music by Nobuo Uematsu and character artwork by Hideo Minaba.

Spring 2017, Granblue Fantasy: IDK why I have so much hype for this!

"Granblue Fantasy The Animation" TV Anime Debuts in January Cygames held a Cygames Next 2016 event in Tokyo this weekend, celebrating the occasion with a handful of announcements.

Scarsaha / Granblue Fantasy

this is Gena she is 647 years old and she is a magician whose talent lies mostly in shape changing

Albert / Granblue Fantasy

albert (granblue fantasy) albert (shingeki no bahamut) armor blonde hair boots dagger full body gauntlets granblue fantasy looking at viewer male focus minaba hideo official art red cape red eyes shingeki no bahamut solo standing sword weapon whit