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This self drag: | 21 Tumblr Posts About Food That Are Actually Really Funny

This self-drag:

"Me, eating a bowl of ramen I left in the microwave for 3 hrs, watching Kitchen Nightmares: "Can't believe this idiot didn't use fresh herbs, Get 'im Ramsay." For me more like, Chopped and Alex Guarnaschelli.

Matcha Cream Tarts with Chocolate Crust, one of the most popular recipes from my Instagram!

Matcha Cream Tarts with Chocolate Crust

Paleo, gluten free dinner rolls (no almond flour! :))

Paleo dinner rolls using coconut flour and tapioca. Super easy way to have fresh buns for supper;

10 uses for baking soda ... 1) Exfoliate skin; 2) Erase crayon, pencil, ink, and furniture scuffs from painted surfaces; 3) Unclog a drain; 4) Remove tough stains from enameled cast iron and stainless steel; 5) Scrub pans; 6) Brush teeth; 7) Fight class-B fires (flammable liquids, such as gasoline, oil, and grease); 8) Deodorize; 9) Clean up minor oil and grease spills on a garage floor or driveway; 10) Settle a stomach during occasional indigestion

101 New Uses for Everyday Things

erases crayon, pencil, ink, and furniture scuffs off painted surfaces.and it can unclog a drain!