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BTS has released a truckload of images for the 'Night' concept of "Young Forever"!As if the 'Day' concept photos weren't enough, now we…

Oh T.O.P ♡ #KPOP #FUNNY #BIGBANG ... Although he isn't even that bad looking in thee first picture...

Top is always making girls have a heart attack srsly hes almost murdering them (us)

GD and Tae are such dorks, but that's why I love them and the rest of the group. Meme Center | allkpop

I would totally take a pic with those doors even at the expense of the countless stares I would get.

When you realize how short she probably is cause height difference

That would be me lol.BTS was on a flight from NY to Dallas. *i just died* o bayan ben olsaydım bayılırdım her halde

tf white washed my bby again! I've seen the video he has honey coloured skin and he freaking slays it<<< yes but has anyone noticed that he is shaving the opposite direction from how people normally shave?