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nice lifted Black Ford truck.... looks like a puppy ready to play in the snow :D

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old ford pickup trucks 4x4 | price $ 14050 make ford model f 150 condition used engine 390

Would love to own this old ford pickup trucks ford model f 150 engine 390

Classic Badassery lol

1979 Ford Pick Up Ute. Limited import to Australia by Ford. Fitted with factory options: Cumin's diesel engine, Power Steering.

The GMC Sierra 2500 Denail HD is our most powerful Duramax Diesel Ever.  Sierra 2500 Denali HD offers functional hood scoop on Duramax-equipped models to provide cooler airflow and contribute to the increased HP rating of the engine. Sierra Denali HD comes with premium interior along with signature Denali accents and advanced towing technologies giving you the confidence to control heavy loads.

Discover the 2018 Sierra 2500 Denali HD pickup truck, featuring our most powerful Duramax diesel ever, premium appointments and advanced technologies.

lifted Chevrolet Silverado black truck

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i got that real good feel good stuff. up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck. rollin on pretty girl by my side(;