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Brotip - no girl has ever said "it's so hot when he texts me six times in a row!" look less desperate.

This always picks me up on a bad day - Imgur

This always picks me up on a bad day

Brotip - use the bricks people throw at you to build a fucking castle.

Bro Tips true works both ways. Everybody hits on you when you are with someone

Bro Tips

i would hate to take a "bro" tip but this is pretty good just the same.

Someday I will be glad I pinned it! An entire year's worth of weekly menus, complete with recipes and grocery lists.  Awesome!

Weekly Menus

Brotip - 'Try not to push it. Have patience and give it time to work out. This advice applies to almost any situation.

Brotips #1410 - 'If you send nothing but one-word texts and she still replies, she's probably into you.'

brotip However if she sends nothing but one-word texts because you still reply, she's definitely not into you or she's pissed off at you.

Bro tip 2289-Color outside the lines

Not if the kid coloring inside the lines, wants to and enjoys the structure of perfection.