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They should make this movie.

cartooncookie.tumblr: Mulan of the Kyoshi Warriors. Who better to be a member of the Kyoshi Warrior clan? This is my 5th installment of the Disney/Avatar mashup.  Thank you for following me. Enjoy!

Avatar Mulan: Artist Robby Cook creatively merged Disney princesses with characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Here's Mulan of the Kyoshi Warriors. Illustration by Robby Cook

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The beauty and the beast . >I think in Peeta is the beauty, so kind and handsome!

39 Hidden Mickeys in Disney Animated Movies | Mental Floss

39 Hidden Mickeys in Disney Animated Movies

Disney Princess Alt. Art - Gallery

Disney Princess Alt. Art

Sailor Moon/Disney Princess Mash-Up.love how Belle is sailor jupiter.my favorite princess and scout!

Hunger Games goes Disney! Awesome retooling of the hunger games trailer!

'Hunger Games': Reinvented Disney trailer

The Hunger Games trailer starring a lot of the Disney characters. Also watch the hunger games: Disney style by lovesaphari

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Thor: "doth thou liketh my ca--" Edna: NO CAPES!" Enda *rips cape up and throws it into ocean* Thor *cries*

I dont know why but I think this is amazing.

Tattooed Ariel from The Little Mermaid! she has a pretty bad ass Flounder tattoo ;