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Justin beiber on a horse... Ugh I feel so bad for that horse, the horse is BEAUTIFUL though!

Justin Bieber On A Horse

follow if u like what i do. u can ask for any photo file u want, guys. i'll appreciate helping u to find the pictures of someone famous (or not famous at all) u want/need. i swear i'll try to help all of u. i'm brazilian, then i'm sorry if i don't write in english pretty well. hope u understand. thanks! @eubtrz

bieber-news: “August Justin kicking off BBC Radio Live Lounge month in Los Angeles, CA ”

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My baby even tho people make fun of me because I love you I don't care. I am not scared to say that JDB is my idol and nobody should be afraid to say that. What I'm trying to say is that you are you and I believe in you JDB my baby I believe in you.

justin bieber motorcycle

Wheels on fire: Justin Bieber zooms around Beverly Hills on his Ducati motorbike on Wednesday

in 20 years, people will cal Justin Bieber a legend and i will be proud to say that i was one of the beliebers family

Justin taking photos with your jet, i deserve? #swag

Justin taking photos with your jet, i deserve?