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Vein agate slab I purchased a few weeks ago. I will cut a cabochon out of this next month.

https://flic.kr/p/7tZMwM | iris3 |  Iris Agate

Horse Mountain Iris Agate This looks so much like an opal with all that flash and fire. >> It looks like a pearl

Awesome Purple Agate |  Mineral Geology Page www.geologypage.com

lake superior agate What is an Agate? Agates are semi-precious gemstones that are a variegated form of chalcedony (pronounced kal-sed'-.

purple and blue boulder opal and opalized wood...cut by Bill Kasso

themagicfarawayttree: “Beautiful purple and blue boulder opal and opalized wood…cut by Bill Kasso”♫♫♥♫♥♥♫♥JML

Mohave Purple TURQUOISE designer cab Silverhawk's designer gemstones.

~ Mohave turquoise ~ It is composed of small chunks of natural blue turquoise (some with fabulous spiderwebbing), to which they added purple dye and a brassy-bronze metallic. These are the colors I want in my livingroom