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Ralph McQuarrie - Star Wars Episode VI Production Paintings-- these are gorgeous!

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The artist who also created concept designs for the first Star Wars trilogy, the original Battlestar Galactica, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E., and other science fiction classics.

Ralph McQuarrie - Star Wars Episode V Production Paintings

Ralph McQuarrie - Star Wars Episode V Production Paintings. This is so cool and these paintings are amazing!

I never remember seeing this shot, but Star Destroyer in the Death Star? Very cool!

The Most Beautiful Space Stations in the Universe

It took an army of hobbyists two years to complete, but the 1:2 scale Tie Fighter recently unveiled in Eichenzell, Germany, is a true DIY masterpiece. 20 Star Wars fans of different professions, from financial brokers to policemen and architects, put their blood and tears into this 5.30 m wide, 4.80 m long, 4.30 m high and 1.4 tons heavy model of the Galactic Empire’s starfighter.:

Star Wars Fanatics Spend Building Life-Sized Tie Fighter in Parking Garage

The Trooper Evolution

Star Wars The Clone Wars Arc Clone Trooper Fives Phase II Armor Action Figure - Midtown Comics

This has got to be one of the coolest SW pieces of art I’ve seen in a while

(Nox+Nira RP) Nira: I am hading off to seek out the Jedi knight Malek Ryker. Master Sidious has requested me to slay him because of the danger he is towards the Empire. I hope to make my master proud and swiftly dispose of this Jedi. I pray that this miss