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.if I was a fan of Winter, I would say this is breathtaking. However, I am no fan of cold or frost,so I will just say it is beautiful.

Seventy-Two Snowy Scenes THat Won't Make Your Toes Curl up with Cold

~~Hepatica ~ hepatica nobilis by andrea cogrossi~~

~~Hepatica ~ hepatica nobilis by andrea cogrossi~~ first wildflowers of the year, beloved wildflower of Lithuania

#OPIEuroCentrale #YoureSuchABudaPest

The beautiful depth in the colors, the soft and subtle hues, the gorgeous water droplets, all of these come together to make this picture cool and appealing, an soothing and lovely photo.

GypsyLovinLight: Solitude. Si prefieres una enagua para el vestido de nova... este es una buena opcion. Vestidos de novia no tradicional y alternativos. La Novia Gitana, Gypsy. Vestido de novias con enaguas. Novia diferente. Unique Non-traditional Gypsy Hippy wedding skirt.  Natural Bride. Relaxed bride.  #aventurasintimas

Sexy long modern gypsy style embellished skirt for a boho chic look. For the BEST Bohemian fashion trends

Natural Bride look - use of natural colours (soft pink on the cheeks and light peachy/pink colour on the lips) with a smooth skin texture finish.

Top 10 Eyebrow Tips and Tutorials that Could Change Your Entire Face

This was a big thing with the Valentino show. The show was focused around romantic braids. This is just a french braid that starts in the middle of the crown and then wraps around your head in a counter-clockwise rotation.