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Dias Perfeitos

Ryan Doco Connors Teams up with Makeup Artist Dina Day

I love the effect of this male ice man themed make-up. I am going to try and recreate a similar effect with the use of an airbrush so that I can contour and highlight the upper structure of the body.

male model ice special effects makeup

Potential for doing a quick makeup job to create a & for WH rather than wearing one?

Timjan: Yana Yamaya par Carina Clavija <3

A space where I let the inspiration of Nature speak, sharing the beauty, magic, wisdom and wonder of our green planet, and her dreams and wishes of our magnificent future together ~ Art: Timjan - Yana Yamaya par Carina Clavija

Brunette portraits (male) - geometric_by_littleulvar-d6bilmf.png - Minus

Male character illustration/artwork by the artist littleulvar Nice pose! (Henri Selas) It reminds me of Orik a bit!

tumblr_niocniQboa1tgw6xko1_1280.jpg 600×900 pixels

Celtic Warrior Princess Hair and makeup. so badass :P

Draestari by on @DeviantArt

Commissioned by TheVioletViolence Hey, a drow! Finally had a chance to draw one, which is good practice for my dark skin + pale hair drawing skillz.

celtic war paint - Google Search

HAHAHA this is a skyrim character but the caption. Evangeline in battle ~ This is perfect. An interesting idea for a Christian warrior . I hadn't thought about war paint, hmmm.

. #facepaintingbooth

another pinner said: Shaman; this is somewhat how I see Herne-Cernunnos' face when he assumes human form.

No warrior should die without their war paint on

HD Wallpaper and background photos of native american for fans of Native Americans images.

Earth Warrior II by on @DeviantArt

Earth Warrior II by Lawiane

Resultado de imagem para viking woman fantasy

Gaze by Dropdeadcoheed

CHRIS CUS FANTASY – Community – Google+

High res, low res, textures done by me. All the rest are from Rocksteady

man angel makeup - Google Search

man angel makeup - Google Search

#SiyahBeyazGüzeldir ♥♥♥ #BeautifulBlackAndWhite

Black is Beautiful with a touch of Gold!