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Tavros is a Narnian Minotaur, who served as First Mate to the crew on the Dawn Treader, in the.

Mestre Andariel, Sussuro da Lua


m Elf Ranger Elven Archer reloaded by Vynthallas on deviantART:

Hmmm... What to Choose? Every Time I play a Strategy game involving to choose your title

Hmmm... What to Choose?

If i had to choose,wizard, rogue, or paladin. Those 3 have always been my favorite 3 class in any game with a class system

=Comm=San by EllirhShaan.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

m Drow Elf portrait Just gonna slide this up here. Been so busy with animation work, haven't really had time in a while to do my own stuff. They've changed the layout on me : P A littl.

'Drusala' reveals herself to be Morathi to Tyrion. She joins him, though they disguise this from the outside world as she now claims the identity of 'Riselle'. She tells Tyrion all about Teclis's involvement in the death of his daughter and Finubar. When they meet Tyrion tries to slay Teclis in a rage, and Teclis flees rather than harm his brother.

f Drow Elf Sorcerer portrait Miguel Regodon--Great drawing!

Draestari by DragonReine.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Commissioned by TheVioletViolence Hey, a drow! Finally had a chance to draw one, which is good practice for my dark skin + pale hair drawing skillz.

Ghen, the spirit world keeper.

Diancecht was the Irish god of Healing and Medicine in Celtic Myths Diancecht…