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Why me Rosie Hardy Photography

Rosie Hardy A very creative use of shadows to help portray a powerful feeling and emotion in this picture.

Source: my-darling-just-smile

I chose this photo because the use of color and texture really grabs me. The contrast of the red against the black and white photo with the texture of the paint on the lips is very cool.



impressed by the symmetry and silence of the round one.  It’s all about the beauty of reflected light. It’s like a universe or a small planet with a lot of possibilities in contrast of structures, colors, moods and various lightnings.

Symmetry And Silence In Round Mirror Reflections

100% ART

Blurred umbrellas on a city street. Amazing and effective use of a slow shutter speed! It's an awesome artistic way to convey busy city life.

Deep Sea Diver Kiss Postcard

Deep Sea Diver Kiss Postcard

Diver Kiss Postcard Nautical Sea Beach Greeting by FalstaffTrading