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Eräässä käsitöitten Facebook-ryhmässä löysin maton, joka oli tehty virkkaamalla matonkuteet yhteen erillisellä langalla. En ollut aiemmin...

Virkkaamalla kiinnitetty matonkude

Criss-cross: Crocheting attached to the carpet rags . Ch rome will translate this page.

Easy mug snugs. Knit or Crochet a rectangle the width of a mug and long enough to wrap around a mug (make sure it is going to be tight). Embroider a felt applique. Fold in half length-wise and where the corners meet, a few slip stitches at each end and you are done! Great gift idea!

I will cut it from a sweater then add the little envelope until I learn how to knit. Knitted cup cozy for the tea or coffee drinker in your life. If only I could knit!