Minecraft sheep in real life? - Freshly dyed sheep run in view of the highway near Bathgate, Scotland. The sheep farmer has been dying his sheep with NONTOXIC dye since 2007 to entertain passing motorists.

If there was a Planet Seuss;  It would be a magic place!  You would never see animal zoos;  They would just wander free in every      space!                                          mw

Giraffes make me happy.RAINBOW giraffes make me incredibly happy!

colorful colorful chicks

Anyone like Peeps? (not perps) Happy Easter! These folks live on a ranch in Durango CO and have 900 baby chicks. Every year, for Easter, they inject the eggs with food coloring, and when they hatch, t

Cool Sheep Pack

lorenzens-soil: “ Too cool for my wool, too cool for my baaahhh, too cool… ” time to count some sheep in shades…

18 Average Things Made Awesome Under A Microscope.

18 Everyday Things Made Awesome Under A Microscope.

18 Everyday Things Made Awesome Under A Microscope. <<< Everyday things made gross under a microscope

Psalm 23:6 Only—goodness and kindness pursue me,      All the days of my life,      And my dwelling is in the house of Jehovah,      For a length of days!

Kid Kissing a sheep photography pictures photos photography ideas photography idea images animals

Fishing buddies

Fishing buddies

'Can I have this Fish please Tom, you know they're my favourite?' - Fishing Buddies Little Boy and Cat

Esta cabrita si que se agarra bien de su dueño xD

♣Imágenes Graciosas, Parte #2

GOATS ON BICYCLES IN AFRICA~Interesting site of bicycle transportation & modifications in Africa.Ha, this is a goaty back, or a goat piggy back, lol!