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I gradually wanna get a picture for each Zelda game made, I think… MM might be my fav but OoT is classic. Ocarina of Time

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always xD my nintendo and my phone always went the same way. in my face xD always


Then he got an idea, an awful idea. Link got a wonderful, awful idea.

Oh my gosh he's so cute

Oh my gosh he's so cute

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the legend of zelda breath of the wild link princess zelda saiba (henrietta) high resolution blonde blue eyes blush breasts couple gloves hair ornament long hair pointed ears ponytail sheikah slate smile tied hair white background

Ocarina of Time by aoki6311

Link and Saria, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time artwork by Aoki (Fumomo).

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carrying gloves green hair hairband hat link ocarina of time pointy ears saria shield size difference smile sword takagi the legend of zelda weapon

So cute

They did NOT draw Link and Ravio as skull kid and Vaati.oh who am I kidding…