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Sew Me Collection: antique sewing machines upcycled by Stef van der Bijl - upcycleDZINE

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Puremold Spiral Table lamp - Concrete Spiral / Grey by BMIX - Design furniture and decoration with Made in Design

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Hardback Book Lamp Secrets and Spies by Typewriter Boneyard - eclectic - table lamps - Etsy

trumpet lamp

"This is a lamp i made for my mother for mothers day. it’s made from a recycled lamp and my old trumpet that i used to play in junior high. the base was cut, sanded, stained and varnished by me. it took me longer than i expected, which is why i finished i

Kozo 2 is a decisive, straightforward desk lamp. The thin proportions makes it easy to place, move and maneuver all around your desk. Kozo 2 is perfectly balanced on its 3 legs. The design enables it to proudly stand at the very edge of your desk, saving precious work space in small work stations. Each Kozo lamp is branded with an authentic logo plate and a unique serial number.  Made in compliance with the harmonized standards of the European Union, CE. Light bulb included. Use 12v Halogen…

Kozo 2 Desk Lamp

Lamps and lights are indispensable items of any room or house or office. Lamps and lights are used very commonly to lighten up the darker corners of the rooms and also to add atmospheric lightning to your living room. Though, there are some standard desig

Fauteuil Rdutemps - palettes

Wood Profits - Fauteuil Rdutemps - palettes Plus - Discover How You Can Start A Woodworking Business From Home Easily in 7 Days With NO Capital Needed!