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feather star crinoid perched on coral head, Cenometra bella, Flinders Reef Great Barrier Reef, Australia

From sea ... Atlantic Ocean

From sea ... Atlantic Ocean

starfish  ♥♥♥

colorful starfish, Piha, New Zealand - rescued some of these - threw them back into the sea before seagulls got them!

arctic-ocean. the Beaufort Gyre

the Beaufort Gyre

This mosaic of images taken by NASA's Aqua satellite shows an unusually strong storm over the Arctic Ocean on Aug. 6, 2012.

Arctic CSI: Cyclone Absolved in Record Sea Ice Melt

ikenbot: “Unusually Strong Arctic Storm Spied from Above An unusually strong storm formed off the coast of Alaska on Aug. then moved over the central Arctic, where a NASA satellite took pictures of.