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WWI German soldier.

Studio Portrait of a German Soldier, WWI The flowers tucked into his uniform are an indication that he will be sent to the frontline soon.

historywars:    GREAT WAR WEAPONS

This sheet is a great informational piece to summarize information about some of the most important weapons invented during the great wars.

First World War infographic: Casualties by Scott Addington. Could we make the graphic 'live'?

This kind of information is critical. The people alive at this time viewed this as a necessary sacrifice.

World War One German Aviator by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives, via Flickr  Why did WWI German pilots pose with riding crops?

Catalog Title: World War One German Aviator Date: Additional Information: World War One German Aviator Tags: World War One German Aviator, World War One German Aviator, Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

late WWI German machine gunner August Brechtel, colorized by Benjamin Thomas.

A German machine gunner by the name of August Brechtel poses for a portrait photograph sporting his late-Great War uniform.

Australian soldier Pvt Barney Hines after the battle of Polygon Wood shown with his collection of German souvenirs. He was known as the “Souvenir King” of WWI

Souvenir King His name was John (Barney) Hines and he was an Australian soldier. Picture probably made after the Battle of Polygon Wood, near Ypres, Flanders,

Indian soldiers of the British Army stationed In Tientsin China in 1911.

India proudly served in the trenches of Flanders, and in the horrific battles of This is a great picture of Indian soldiers of the British Army, Stationed In Tientsin, China in

Hugh Fletcher Silverwood (1892-1917) by Robert Silverwood, via Flickr

Captain Hugh Fletcher Silverwood Battalion (Territorial) Essex Regiment Born Park Road, Crouch End, London Sept. Killed in action March 27 1917 Gaza aged 24 (no known grave).

Postcard photo of a WWI Scottish Regiment soldier no doubt taken for his family. Thousands of such photos were produced but regrettably few bear any identification. He is wearing a cover over the kilt.

WWI Scotish Soldier Scottish soldiers wear kilt in battle; Kilt apron used to replace the sporran (held items) and protected the kilt when in the line; Gas carried in small bags over the kilt, like a sporran.

World War I - LOL....what is with the cat sitting on his hat. And his lack of clothes?

50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos

TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee"): WWI German soldier wearing his night shirt, armed with a bayonet, standing in front of a latrine with. a cat on his head. Well all righty then. kitten soldier ww ii ww i

German Infantryman, Verdun 1916. The German army was huge but mostly comprised of conscripts.

German Infantryman, Verdun The German army was huge but mostly comprised of conscripts.

German soldiers,WWI

Two riflemen of a Guards Battalion of the Prussian Army pose for a photographic memento with their Mauser rifles and full kit. The is still in use for ceremonial duty with some units of the present-day German army.