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Virgo love - their actions speak louder than words


This is why I'm constantly busy! My life is a crisis!

Show me another beautiful side // Cancer: Literally what I'm tryna do rn - study Virgos

Lol... Hmm. Poor thing... But seriously I don't give a shit about what u feel about that...

Virgo's say it how it is damn straight tired of biting my tongue for other people


Virgo - Virgos do so much for others.

Virgo Facts: just thinking about this and trying to be more openly sincere


Behind the coolness in the exterior lies a pure and feeling caring heart and soul. It's the resting bitch face that throws you off.

The first person to say "How may I be of assistance" was a virgo

Virgo the "Silent" partner, that's me.

Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.

Zodiac City Virgo thought

This is me in a nutshell

It's the Virgo in me.

I do feel like the advice giver, but I'm bad at taking other people's advice lol.

zodiacmind: “Amazing Zodiac Facts Here ”

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I post too much Virgo shit .

I do have a severe hatred of criticism. I obsess over it once it's given, and fear provoking it in equal measure...

Virgo's defensiveness comes from their sincere hatred of criticism. If you only knew how hard they are on themselves. If you only knew.

What Traits Make You Successful, Virgo….

What Traits Make You Successful, Virgo&

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that is my biggest pet peeve --- people invading my personal space!

Virgo humble...

I leave the drama to my daughter and her fellow drama queens.

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