Insect Hotel step by step Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Insect hotel - Sustainable ideas including an explanation of the materials used, which insects they provide a habitat for and why you want that insect. This would be perfect to have as a project to build with a youth program

Make a Haven for the Solitary Bees and the Beneficial Insects, it is beautiful in the garden.

Hopalong Hollow Gazette: New rabbits in the works and a Bee haven for you to build.

Welcome to the Bee Hotel ::  Place des Jardins  in Paris ( )

Welcome to the Bee Hotel :: Place des Jardins Paris (Bees are my favourite insect.

DIY Bumble Bee Nest | Make Your Own Bee Nest

Make Your Own Bumble Bee Nest with our DIY Guide. Save The Bees, In your own backyard with our Guide in Association with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

diy nichoir à insecte, faire soi même maison à insectes

Idée créative - Faire soi-même une maison pour les insectes