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Mona Lisa

See Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece at the Louvre. Get an updated picture of you standing next to her. I have a photo of you with Mona at 15 and I need a picture of you with her at Thanks!

不可思議的中國熱:《維梅爾的帽子》 | 愛看書的眼睛不寂寞


Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper - Art and the Bible (information, pictures before and after restoration, etc.)

The Last Supper, Milan, fresco on the refectory wall of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazi.

the golden rectangle works in creating balance and harmony in spaces.  Some homes don't follow proportion and it not only shows but it FEELS off

The Golden Rectangle, the Golden Triangle, and the Golden Pyramid, all based on the Golden Ratio are all appear prominent in the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. He referred to the Golden Ratio as the "divine proportion".

"Head Of A Woman" By: Leonardo da Vinci (1470s)

Head Of A Woman - Leonardo da Vinci, c. The Head of a Woman is a painting by the Italian Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, dating from perhaps around 1500 and housed in the Galleria Nazionale of Parma, Italy

Girl with a Pearl Earring - Johannes Vermeer - Wikimedia Commons

Girl with a Pearl Earring The painting Girl with a Pearl Earring (Het Meisje met de Parel) is one of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s masterworks and as the name implies, uses a pearl earring for a.


Leonardo Da Vinci Da Vinci defined the “Renaissance Man” with his inventions, art and scientific theories. This self-portrait of the famous artist and inventor was composed in red chalk. Date: Artist: Leonardo da Vinci. And he was vegan.

"C. #Monet, Impression, soleil levant, 1872,  Musée Marmottan Monet, Parigi" ~ Buonissima domenica a tutti con il sole nel cuore ♡

Print of Monet's Sunrise Impression on canvas. Product: Wall artConstruction Material: Cotton canvas and woodFeatures: Sunrise Impression by Claude Monet August

238. newspaper article at Mail Online...Decodying a da Vinci masterpiece:Behind the secret symbols of The Lady with an Ermine.:

Leonardo DaVinci portrait painting: Decodying a da Vinci masterpiece: Behind the secret symbols of "The Lady with an Ermine"

Starry Night 1889 ~ Vincent Van Gogh

off Hand made oil painting reproduction of Starry Night, one of the most famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. Painted a year after his Starry Night Over the Rhone, Van Gogh’s Starry Night is.