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Hey guys. Bye guys.

Completely besides the point that that is Louis Tomlinson. I am Louis Tomlinson.<<<Louis is me. I am Louis.

Lol!!! This are my boys!! ❤️ my boys.

speechless ahhhhhhhhh shots fired oh my goodness such a savage

Hahaha omg

my banana was missing<< hahahaha oh please yo were about to murder us

You'd be soo stupid to do that...

Haha this is exactly my thought process! Who in their right mind gave the boys the experience they needed to write such heartbreaking songs? Whomever it was, we need to talk!

Niall reaction made me laugh so hard

Niall reaction made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂

My little brother just came in pointed to Liam on my poster and told me his. He also tried to convince me that the poster was his. When I told him it's mine he looked at me walked up to it gave Liam a hug told me his and walked out. You wish your little brother was as cool as mine lol

so funny! i cant believe that harry is really wearing pink glasses! that is so funny! go louis!

Omg, I do love justin but this is to funny

Haha true story>>> but I feel bad for justin! And his fans imagine if It was one of are:( we'd be pretty sad so let's be nice to justin and his fans:) sweet harry :)

Harry and zayn facts

Image detail for -cute, funny, niall horan, one direction - inspiring picture on Favim . Oh, my dear Harry X'D