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Funny pictures about Cookie Monster's Internet Settings. Oh, and cool pics about Cookie Monster's Internet Settings. Also, Cookie Monster's Internet Settings photos.

Imgur Post - Imgur

Imgur Post - Imgur

Dawwwww.. bless his sweet heart..

Hey I just bit you, because I'm crazy, so call the doctor, because you have rabies.and i soo love this song!

@Ashley Walters Walters Walters Morrow I tried texting and made one sentence. HAHA, funny.

Emoji Story - Will Smith! Fresh prince of bel air theme song

The baby - www.funny-pictures-blog.com

LMAO, I think it's less the new parents asking and more everyone else that sees baby that wants to say who it looks like, but I agree. Total alien old man potato.

Happy Trees!

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

Never miss a chance to pledge allegiance

Hahahaha this guy.I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America lol

OMG so funny!

Funny pictures about Gotye in traffic. Oh, and cool pics about Gotye in traffic. Also, Gotye in traffic.

Grammar matters. ;)

Dear Public Sign Creator, Do you remember when you got an F- in English back in middle school?looks like you owe me 50 bucks now. Sincerely Yours ~ 50 Bucks Richer - spelling matters

NOTICE Thank you for noticing this new notice. Your noticing has been noted. (And will be reported to the authorities)

Silly signs and funny notice signs: Notice. Thank you for noticing this new notice. Your noticing it has been noted and will be reported to the authorities.


Chistes y bromas Translation: Don't be silly, there are no monsters under your bed, now go to sleep!

I really wish the ASPCA would use the money for the animals instead of all the commercials and free shit they send out.

This is so true. Makes me feel sad that I seriously have to change the channel. Can't watch, it is the worst commercial ever!

Who Wore It Better ?

Robin Williams as Mrs Doubtfire vs Kim Kardashian - Who Wore It Better?~ Lol Robin wore it better!