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Whyyyyyy Meeeee!!!!

Whyyyyyy Meeeee!!!!

When I first saw this man, I thought that he was one of the least attractive men ever on the big screeen. I still question why he gets roles. He cannot act outside of his typecast, and he looks like a retarded gorilla. Each time I look at this man, he is less attractive. Can the world please admit that there is nothing redeeming about this man, and leave him in the putrid, and neanderthalic gutter from whence he came?

I removed the original description because it was rude and untrue. Ron Perlman is awesome.

They're my heroes

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Iron Man - MARVEL

Iron Man - MARVEL

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Costume  https://instagram.com/p/9fBOfoDzeVatBBhOZaKQoWlz7WJ-7pvDP03VU0/

halloween costumes ideas Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Costume

Ron Swanson ~ Food and Stuff ~ Parks and Recreation

27 Ways To Be As American As Ron Swanson

Parks and Recreation Season Three Episode Soul Mates. "It's where I buy all of my food.and most of my stuff.

The best menacing look of anyone I know. Nick Offerman please follow me,thank you i will refollow you later

The best menacing look of anyone I know.

Things that make me smile BIG photos)

Ron Swanson is an inspiration to the human race

24 Times "Parks & Rec" Made You Laugh Uncontrollably

Ron Swanson: Epic and Private. Park and Recreation.

Rupert Grint Loses Bid For $1.3 Million Tax Refund

Harry Potter Star Rupert Grint Joins Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in It's Only a Play « A to

Harry Potter

cool HP cast photos, Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Harry

Iron Man

Iron Man

I really like this idea! That Draco didn't know she was a muggle-born and so that completely changed his view on her!

Harry Potter - Crabbe, Goyle, Neville, & Dramione - First Sight Part 2 by YoriNarpati on deviantART <<< I ship Romione, but Dramione is cute too

Rupert Grint is kind of really adorable

why hello, Rupert.

The one time Cas looks the same height as Dean but Sam is still always taller

Supernatural: Jared Padalecki – Sam Winchester Jensen Ackles – Dean Winchester Castiel – Misha Collins (eh) but all in all, they make an awesome trio!

(@saioma_V3) | Twitter

(@saioma_V3) | Twitter

his name... just...  :D

Not quite sure if I'm promoting this guy as a roommate by pinning this but really I just think that it's funny and creative. I hope you find a wonderful roommate.