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Okayy. :)

I don't normally share things that tell me to share them but wibbbly wobbly timey wimey stuff is a very convincing argument

Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

Aren’t you a beautiful boy…

Hahaha the Doctor's face when he realizes Rose was talking about a cat. <---- what really cracks me up is that he's experimenting with back-combing!<----Also, the cat was ginger. Didn't he want to be ginger?

Rose Tyler. All the feels.

There was this girl once…

:'( nooooo so sad. Why Dr. Why must you make me feel so sad that Rose is gone?


"John Barrowman is the sassiest woman on the show".Oh my gosh! now I'm imagining Donna and Jack arguing over who is the sassiest female companion while the doctor just stares in miserable silence xD

Doctor Who, Beauty and the Beast crossover :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Doctor-Who-and-the-TARDIS/276710412383657

Doctor Who/Beauty & the Beast Crossover. One pinner said: "The Beast is a metaphor for how he was left after the Time War rather than how he looked. And Rose healed him.


Bigger on the inside obsession.and when a character dies, like when a TARDIS dies, the bigger on the inside spills out to the outside :)

Guess Doctor Who. This is the most   fantastic thing ever!!!! I need this now. Maybe I'll make it my   self.

Guess Doctor Who

Guess Doctor Who. This is the most fantastic thing ever! Maybe I'll make it my self.~ except I would feel the need to play with another whovian and would continually stare at the angel or "forget"my question.

#DoctorWhoChallenge Day 28: Favorite GIF- Eleven and River might be one of my least favorite ship, I love this GIF because it is just the most perfect inner monologue for him!

Perfect inner monologue for the Doctor while kissing River. [GIF] Oh gosh this is brilliant! 'I kiss River now, kisses are cool.

Share Strax because he's awesome!

Write your country, Russia>Australia>England> Merica FUCK YEAH <America<America as well. I am so sorry my fellow Americans are weird. Don't you mean freedom flavored?