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Not the best pic but Caaron is still perfect

This is the real magcon. Not those other people that some people are saying that they are. Here is the original magcon and no one can replace them.

This is the real magcon. The original magcon. Nobody can replace them

@ItsNashGrier @ItsCamDallas @ACarpenterr @jackgilinsky @mendesshawn @mattmagcon @CameronOnline

Who's your fav magcon boy?

I freaking cried making this </3>>>>this is perfectly true>> *drives a truck of tissues into the house*

I freaking cried making this is perfectly true>> *drives a truck of tissues into the house*<<< *crying in the corner*

i would string these together and hang them in my room...its perfection. whoever made this, you have some serious talent.

Missing Carter, Jack j and Jack g

My magcon edit ~just the way you are~

My magcon edit ~just the way you are~ Well Shawn is the BEST

magcon boys wallpaper | magcon family wallpaper

Why I love magcon sooo much😍😍

I watched Nash new YouTube video and Cam wants to get magcon back together but Nash and a few of the others said they don't want to bc it's just a name but to me it's a name but it's the name that kept all of them together and Iltsm that it hurts they were there when no one else was to make me laugh and I wish I could thank them in person

I wish I had a friend family like this

This was from the video when he brought the whole magcon family together right after it feel appart. Love u forevs nash

Nash Grier quote awwwww love him soooo much!

Teen Tuesday - All About MAGCON! ^

Mahogany Cheyenne Gordy(Mahogany Hayes don't know Carter McCoy Shawn Peter Raul Matthew Lee Cameron Alexander Jack Finnegan Jack Edward Aaron Brayden Taylor Michael

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The magcon family is the best family ever !

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Free Cam, Free Girls & Boys www.

Magcon!! @Cameron Daigle Dallas  @Cheryl Nash Grier  @Shawn O Mendes  @Sam Taylor Caniff  @Aaron Kapor Carpenter

Even if it's not mag on anymore it's still a family Daigle Daigle Daigle Dallas ng ng Nash Grier O O O Mendes McHardy McHardy Taylor Caniff Kapor Kapor Kapor Carpenter

i will always be part of the magcon family!!! @Nash Grier , @Cameron Dallas @Jack Gilinsky @Aaron Carpenter @Shawn Mendes , @Matthew Espinosa , @Taylor Caniff ,

Cute drawings-I'd said I'd never let you go, and I never did.

°pinterest x paume°

°pinterest x paume°

If only it was still like this  I miss the nine originals

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