lucifer has gained the annoying habit of making me fall over sobbing every…

Okay a lot of people at my school all of a sudden like 5sos when about 2 weeks ago they didn't like them or thought they were ugly. Uh. No. Okay. No. They're like, oh yeah Luke is hot but the rest are ugly. I can't deal with these people. One girl actually said I love Luke the drummer... Don't Even.

I admit, when luke went "BANANA" I friggin lost it. The first time I watched it I laughed so hard


♢ Oh god this gif.honestly the whole keek was halerious xD Im soo happy they are starting to keek a little more often :-D

[ fc: luke hemmings ] "heya. im luke. luke hemmings. kat is my little sister, hurt her and you're dead. i am 21 and single. im in a band called 5sos. im the lead singer and i play guitar. i love penguins and im awkward. so yeah, come talk."

Luke leaving the Nice Guy - January 29 [HQ] [Gallery]

Muscular, dancing, seventeen year old smiling Luke Hemmingses in snapbacks are the reason for my tears

Muscular, dancing, seventeen year old smiling Luke Hemmings in snapbacks is the reason for my tears

I love this so much!!!!!! Ahhh

Heart light •Muke•

Mom: is on TV Me:Leaves work, trips, throws the table out of the way and goes and sits on the couch like that It is all true

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Punk ballerina Luke this is why will nevere be punk rock

18 facts you definitely, 100% didn't know about 5SOS's Luke Hemmings to celebrate his 18th birthday | Sugarscape |

18 facts you definitely, didn't know about Luke Hemmings to celebrate his birthday