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this is spongebobs face when squidward admits that he likes krabby patties!

10000000% accurate!

True except that last one I will judge you on how easy it is to unroll the toilet paper from its holder cause there is nothing more annoying then a toilet paper roll jamming in its holder and you have to spend trying to get some toilet paper out

Everything Offends Somebody    Sorry if you didn't make the cut!

Classy women don't have one night stands. We just had auditions, and you didn't get a callback

Oops.  Well, not "oops."  I just didn't mean it.  Well, I meant it--just not like that--like, I didn't mean to say it.  Okay, I didn't mean it the way I said but I mean...

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Everytime I make a list lol

This is why I pin things that I have already done on my Bucket List board. It makes me feel accomplished ;

Or Am and I am

I still don't know what thot means, but at least I know how grammar works.


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