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Funny pictures about Baby llama. Oh, and cool pics about Baby llama. Also, Baby llama photos.

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i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig. i want a baby pig, i want a baby pig.

Why Ya Wanna: piggy

this little piggy went to the market. This little piggy went home, this little piggy had roast beef and this little piggy had none. And THIS adorable little piggy had an apple, all the way home.

When pigs fly......I mean swim! Looks like me during water aerobics!

Funny pictures about Just keep swimming. Oh, and cool pics about Just keep swimming. Also, Just keep swimming photos.

Cutest thing in the world, broken foot and all

This precious little kangaroo joey was rescued from a forest fire. Isn't he adorable? At first, I thought he was wearing tiny little diapers, but then I thought to myself, "don't be silly. he's a baby kangaroo, so those must be under-roos".

I love this sweet baby llama- you need this to go with your pony!

I haven't seen any alpacas on here. Here's one that's a week old.

cradle a sea otter pup <3

Otters are in their own league ENTIRELY when it comes to cuteness. They have the cutest, fuzzy little faces IN THE WORLD. BONUS: They have the most adorable animal trait. Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t float away from each other.