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✧ \\ I don't wanna be heard, I want to be listened to // ✧

Omg hahahhahaha

I do this then scream in pain because my eyes are burning thinking why I'm looking into my reflection eyes in the first place

My brothers room caught on fire and the smoke alarm went off but everyone just thought that it was glitching and it took us 5 mins to realize there was an actual fire .>>> oh my Chuck!

Hamilton AU where everything is the same they just play rock paper scissors instead

Hamilton modern AU where all the duels are just Rock Paper Scissors no-one dies yay (except maybe Laurens poor BBY)

Same for katelynn. Or Kaitlyn, or katelin, or Caitlin, or catelyn, katelynnnnnnn

My soulmate must on the other side of earth cause I NEVER sleep at nite but I def sleep thru my classes

The 167 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

When tumbler explains science quicker and simpler then any professor could.

This person is the best

Faith in Humanity Restored. Welcome to America, my friend. I just died How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show!