Leaf skeleton...

This is lovely!*****ThanksAll healed up and looking perdy. My leaf skeleton tattoo :D awesome pin

Nice colors

Blue moon red mandala, totally random but I just like the moon, mandala and the intricacy of the line work in color.

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beautiful fern leaf tattoo I love nature inspired tattoos and art in general

I just keep looking at this....I really love it!

Dotwork Damian, The Black Mandala, Skinned Alive Tattoo. Specialist in dotwork tattoos, mandalas and repetitive pattern tattooing.


21 Beautiful Autumn-Inspired Tattoos

The Aviary — NATURE GIRL From the Forest - Fern & Crystals Temporary Tattoo Set Don't like the placement, but these are pretty.

this is awesome. i love how thin the leaf appears, almost translucent. so beautiful.

This I think is the kind of thing I want. Because ageing is inevitable but also beautiful. And all things are temporary.

simple leaf and circle tattoo - I like the nature and geometric ideas in tandem with each other