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Find a reason to smile: And that's who I am

that mostly has to do with the fact that i believe in God and heaven, so i think to myself when people die, "It was their time i guess, and i'll see them when i die:).

I am

i'm in love with the silence that fills an empty room. I do even though in the silence I attack myself. My imperfections. The silence is a war against myself and depression. For some reason I love the calm, quiet depression.

Don't ask me why :D

I love all the people in my life . But this is so me as well! It's really not a bucket list to do item; however, I cherish my alone time at home and always will:)

They're completely oblivious to all the wrong in the world and their adventurous and curious ... And I'll always envy them

I love litlle kids there so cute and adorable also nice and sometimes bratty but that's just my brother!

YES. YES. YES. YOU GUYS DONT EVEN KNOW....well actually u probably do.

People call me crazy because i talk more about boy book characters than real guys

i take stupid pics!.

HATE that my friends take pictures of me and post them on social media. So like if I don't like pictures that's why I am anti-social!I don't even take pictures of them!

The thrill of seeing new places from a new perspective.... Can't wait until I get to fly again

I love that feeling of looking out a plane window. One of the best feelings:)

I do. I always love books with good writing...that makes me fell like I'm in the book

this is true. i think a man can make me fall in love, just by writing a well written letter to me.

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I get nervous everywhere. I get nervous thinking about things. I get nervous a lot.

Seriously my eyes are almost the same color as my pupils

Lol, not even INTERESTING brown eyes like the one in this picture. They're literally just a super dark brown with nothing else. Just a really dark brown. In short, I hate my eyes XD

i adore my sister... and thats just who i am... {well shes not my sister but my "equivalent other half" <3}

i adore my sister. and thats just who i am. {well shes not my sister but my "equivalent other half"

Dedicated to misery

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