Some piece of summer and jungles for you) I love that bright big flowers, birds and colors. Cool to use as a wallpaper for your phones. Plus some nice examples of floral and tropical pattern on walls, furniture and clothes. Enjoy the summer!


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Iphone wallpaper flowers floral rose pink vintage nature pattern old

Girl names: Gemma

REALLY like these pink/blush dahlias

Further than I ever can <3

24 Most Beautiful Flowers In This Gallery

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photography, pink and vintage image on We Heart It

Purple Roses.

2 of my favorite things. purple roses and the beach, can't go wrong with these 2 things!

Pink Galaxy Iphone Wallpaper Beautiful pink roses hd wallpaper iphone 6 plus .

Wallpaper iPhone flowers #vintage⚪️

Wallpaper iPhone flowers #vintage⚪️

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▶ ☺Fond d'écran iphone HD iphone 7 825

This month we were inspired by all of the lovely warm weather vacations that…