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100% truuue

Funny pictures about I like food and sleep. Oh, and cool pics about I like food and sleep. Also, I like food and sleep.

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Partnered Post: Some Tasty Candy Buffet Advice From Temptation Candy

Why are we so unpopular? Because we hate everyone.yup, pretty much sums it up.

Lol, the older I get, the truer this is!! :)

Relationship Tips - Do You Have Trust Issues? Most trust issues come from not…

I <3 Lucy

And this is why I Love Lucy. LUCY - She didn't use fart jokes, sex jokes or random pop culture references in her show and she's still remembered as one of the funniest women on earth.

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Finally shaved my legs, and donated it to Locks of Love. it was a very long winter.

me in every class with a foreign teacher when they butcher english pronunciation...

We called them "church giggles." Oh my goodness has that happened to me! recently, too, and at a church meeting while the pastor was praying!

Story of my life My Husband and my Mother both suck at taking pictures thus Why there are never any pictures of me

You should place your fiancée in front of a slow computer before getting married. You'll know who they are by their reaction...

You should place your fiancée in front of a slow computer before getting…

Yes! Especially if I'm not talking to you.

Waiting To Exhale: Woman Scorn.Women be like nope I ain't mad.

Stealing kitchen tools is whisky business. #Tastemade #food #quotes #memes #puns

The 21 Cheesiest Food Puns on the Internet