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I would take Percy. He could swim us out. But Percy didn't even answer :(

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I do this all the time my friends are telling me to go sleep outside and then they said what would Percy do and I said do the opposite and that's right

Wait, why would you do the opposite? <<< Because Percy is a Seaweed Brain. Do the opposite. Or, just ask yourself: WWAD (What would Annabeth do)?

Can we take a moment and realize that it said Like We Practice which means when the seven isn't fighting monsters gods goddess and etc. They are practicing singing frozen songs

Me and Lily: It doesn't have to be a snowman Khione: GO AWAY DEMIGODS! The Seven: Okay bye. Leo: Whatever, in Texas snow freaking melts anyway.

Percy Jackson

"Papa, you know this crazy lunatic coming out of shadows!" "Nico is one of my best friends actually. Is he as crazy as this random person?

Where I live, Greek Mythology has no individual subject in school. It's just sad.

Where I live, Greek Mythology has no individual subject in school.we have religion lessons but only "Uncle Rick" thing we had there was Egypt and I didn't read the books when this was.

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Why would Leo be scared of Dutch accents? I AM DUTCH! I'm feeling hurt now :(-- This is hilarious.----I love Leo so much.