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Sally Thurrell Photography Blog: Chipped Paint and Rust Art Project. reflets, nuances, couleur, bleu, eau, zones, sources, vie, ciel, dégradés, zen, harmonie, puissance, dégradation, délavé, usé, écorché, déchiré, craquelé, rouille, temps, évolution, peinture, nature, droits

Colour Trend vivid sea greens and blues, veridian and rust. a naturalistic feel with oddles of texture and patina

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Paper sculpture by Peter Gentenaar. Texture inspiration for modern home decor inspiration.

the underside. Drop Anchors

TEXTURE: Rock Formations - natural rough textures with earthy grey tones; Don't wanna get caught under those.

Esthétique Maximale

This picture shows the design element texture. It shows tactile texture. Since the photo is of feathers you know that the texture can actually be felt. Tactile texture is also actual texture.

This is a paper art sculpture made with coloured paper rings

Daily Dawdle - Funny photos, funny videos, funny pictures everyday: Awesome paper art by Jen Stark (Pic)

I am torn between awe at the sheer awesomeness of the dragon and horror that someone would do this to a Tolkien book...

Beautiful Paper ART Sculpture - Smaug / Lord of the Rings by VMCreations aka "FarTooManyIdeas" on DeviantarT . i'm sorry for the book so much, but Smaug is really beautiful.

paper art sculptures, Obviously a version of this, but I think with a focus kid, you could probably achieve something amazing!

Spiral paper art is truly mesmerising

laughingsquid: “ Layered Cut Paper Sculptures Inspired by Nature ” Paper cut art is so fantastical.