The fact he has harry potter socks is kinda cute though<<< But his reply was great

I don't ship them I just think that they would look cute together and if they are friends I love their friendship.

As long as you do it respectfully and semi ironically and non-aggressively then you're golden

OKAY I COUNTED AND IT'S TEN. I KNOW IT LOOKS LIKE A LOT MORE, BUT IT'S NOT | EDIT: okay I said/pinned this as a joke and I didn't expect anyone to comment on it (btw, thank you to anyone who did comment on it! But) Obviously I know it's 10, and that it doesn't take a genius to count lol. Anyway, that's all. If I didn't have to go through my whole board to find this pin, than I would delete it, but I'm too lazy to go through my board to find it, so therefore I'm not deleting. Okay byeeee.

it's a normal amount, but he has big hands, and the pose makes it looks weird

That's an interesting fact to think about...

Tbh when I first saw them I just thought they were best friends and I was right! (I also ship phan so yeah)>> YOU BETTER SHIP PHAN