Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

This makes my heart hurt because I can just picture Phil being all nervous and Dan comforting him and going with him, standing up for him.

He's wearing his Papyrus shirt. And he's wearing Cookie Monster pants. And his response was from Hamilton. I love this man

Phil eating his cereal and he's wearing his Papyrus shirt, he's wearing Cookie Monster pants And his response was from Hamilton.

That was unnecessary<<<BUT I LOVE IT

Aw Dan actually looks his age and Phil looks like he just finished highschool I'm not okay with this

tbh yes. this is dan we're talking about

first picture: dan u r my bff ily second picture: dan u absolute walnut how dumb could u be srsly smh

Motivational quotes from my favorite youtubers

Not people people that influence us in a bad way or make us feel Bad about ourselves. Love Joe Sugg and everyone else!