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Unusual angle for kids- common wisdom is that you get to their level. Makes this an effective shot.

Student sells bow ties to benefit orphans  Lion's Thread on Viking Fusion  http://vikingfusion.berry.edu/index.php/news/student-sells-bow-ties-benefit-orphans/

Viking Fusion :: Student sells bow ties to benefit orphans

This March, I have the opportunity to travel to Ghana, Africa and volunteer my nursing skills at a hospital and help solve issues related to health degradation in Ghana. In addition to volunteering my nursing skills I will be working with a local orphanage. If you're feeling charitable this Christmas Help me get to Africa!! Merry Chrismas and happy holidays. Thank you so much!! Brittani Long Please donate at http://www.gofundme.com/hpyezk

"Stop searching here and there, the jewels are inside YOU." ~Rumi Akobima, Ghana Photo by Dennis Thern

A girl from Peru.  Precious.  :)

Straw Child - This adorable child was one of the children living on a floating island of straw on Lake Titicaca, Peru. The entire island, including the houses and boats are made of straw